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The History

The new "Schaubek-Album" was extremely popular right from the beginning. Its first edition of 10.000 issues was sold out very quickly. Therefore a second edition was issued only after eight months and was followed by a third edition in 1873. Both albums were still produced by Bauschke himself.

Due to Bauschke's illness he was no longer able to continue the album. So Wartig sold the "Schaubek" copyrights to the stamp dealer Louis Senf in 1876 for the price of 10.500 Goldmarks.

The fourth edition was issued under his direction in 1877 and was now called "Schaubek's Stamp Album". The new design showed about 1.000 illustrations in the corners of the pages. Schaubek's principle to leave the left side blank was retained. Since the fifth edition, issued in 1883, the illustrations have been printed within the stamp space frames. In the mid-eighties the first albums were printed in two colours. They rapidly became a top-seller.

In 1894 all copyrights were sold to the bookseller Carl Friedrich Lücke. During the following years changes in the album design were introduced again and again, as for example the explaining text in three languages (German, English and French). But also special editions for young collectors and albums with supplements had been issued.

The supplement system, which was introduced in 1895, was one of the pioneering innovations helping the brand "Schaubek" always being up to date. This new idea was advantageous for the collector as he could continue his collection constantly without the annoying necessity of rehinging the stamps.

15. Edition of 1892 with already more than 4400 stamp illustrations
"small illustrated edition"; 7. Edition in 1889
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