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The History

Parallel to the reconstruction of the Lücke publishing house important innovations were introduced. Based on the "Germany" album the idea of country albums was born and realised piece by piece for all collecting regions.

Since 1945 the albums were split into periods: old times (until 1945) and new times. Because of the ever increasing number of new stamp issues the periods have been split into decades.

With the edition of hingeless "Brillant" albums with "Schaufix" stamp mounts in 1955 it was now possible to store mint stamps safely without damaging the gum.

Since 1969 the pages have been slit on the left side to ensure that they are always lying flat when the album is opened at any desired page.

In 1972 the C.F Lücke publishing house was nationalised. The products were still sold under the name "Schaubek" as the brand was well established all over the world.

The sales figures of the "Schaubek Album" were increased constantly in Eastern Europe although serious problems in production had to be managed at that time. Nevertheless, the market leadership in these countries was successfully maintained until today.

EUROPE / OVERSEAS Youth Edition of 1958

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