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The Reunification

After the reunification of Germany in 1989/90 the Schaubek publishing house was given back to the descendants of the Junck family. Since 1990 Mr Siegfried Fritz has been managing the publishing house as a family owned company.

Although the re-entry into the free market economy caused several problems; e.g. the production had to be relocated from four places to one, the family and the 30 employees are proud of having business relations to collectors in more than 35 countries worldwide.

In October 1994 we moved in to our new building situated in the Grosslehna industrial area. This guaranties all collectors worldwide that they can trust in our experience and quality of our "Schaubek Albums" now as well as in future.

In 1996 we became the wholesaler of the well known MICHEL catalogues which established our place on the collectors market and made us proud of our achievements. Taking over the well established Keller-Kollektion Schaubek Verlag could extend its programme by a high quality range of products for coin collectors.

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