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Histoire de l'entreprise

1862 The Leipzig based bookseller G. Wuttig issued the first German stamp album.
1864 The bookseller Gustav Bauschke purchased the copyrights.
1864 - 1868 Bauschke issued the album "G. Bauschke - Album for Stamps".
1868 The copyrights were sold to Julius Krümmel
1869 Bauschke met the collector Alfred Moschkau and launched
1871 an album, according to his model, with the pseudonym "Schaubek".
1876 The stamp dealer Louis Senf purchased the copyrights of the "Schaubek-Album" for 10.500 Goldmarks.
1877 For the first time the fourth edition of the album also included illustrations of the stamps.
1883 The albums are now printed in two colours and with framed stamp illustrations.
1894 Copyrights are sold to the bookseller Friedrich Lücke.
1895 Separate stamp supplements are issued for the first time.
1907 First edition of the permanent issues with exchangeable pages.
1930 The publishing house is now owned by the Junck family. Issue of the first "Germany" albums.
1933 Edition of the "Schaubek - German Philatelists Calendar".
1934 Take-over of "The Post", a journal for stamp collectors and edition by C.F Lücke until 1943.
1945 Revive of the publishing programme. First country related albums were issued and the periods were split into "old times" (until 1945) and "new times".
1955 Introduction of the "Brillant" album for a hingeless storage in "Schaufix" mounts.
1969 Slit new album pages.
1972 Nationalisation of the publishing house under the new name "VEB Schaubek-Verlag".
1.9.1990 Nationalisation of the publishing house under the new name "VEB Schaubek-Verlag".
1994 Schaubek moved to a new own building in Grosslehna.
1996 Take over of the "Keller-Kollektion", a programme of accessories for coin collectors. Official wholesaler of the MICHEL catalogues for the Eastern states.
2001 Official wholesaler of the Scott catalogues
2003 Official wholesaler of HAWID products.
2007 Official wholesalerer of Stanley Gibbons catalogues.
2008 Expansion in distributing stamps of modern private mail services.
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