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In 1907 the problem of integrating the supplements was solved by so called permanent issues. Those albums were made of exchangeable pages which made it much easier to add the annual supplements in correct order. Since then the format of the pages hasn't been changed.

In 1930 the publishing house passed into the ownership of the Junck family. The name "C.F.Lücke" was maintained which continued the success of the album for many years. An increasing popularity abroad caused rising export figures. The first steps towards the country albums known today were taken with the issue of the "Germany" albums from the beginning of the 30-ies.

Besides general collectors interests the publishers intensified their work on specific fields of philately. So the philatelic almanac "Schaubek - German Philatelists Calendar" was issued in 1933.

In the next year the journal "The Post - The Universal Advertiser for Stamp Collectors" was taken over from the Alfred Schneider publishing house in Bischweiler. It was a very popular journal amongst the collectors but it had to be closed down in 1943 because of paper shortage. The work of the editor Fritz Junck was especially honourable.

After the end of World War II the reconstruction of the publishing programme was very difficult not only because of serious war damages. The Soviet Military Administration tried to standardise the products of the publishing houses Senf, Michel and C.F. Lücke which forced the Schwaneberger publishing house, editor of the MICHEL catalogues, to leave Leipzig.

A very popular philatelic magazine

"illustrierte Ausgabe, neu bearbeitet und revidiert von Dr. Alfred Moschkau" 4. Auflage, 1878"

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